varied economy中文意思是什麼

varied economy解釋

  • varied: adj. 1. 各種各樣的。2. 改變了的,有變化的。3. 雜色的,斑駁的。adv. -ly
  • economy: n. 1. 經濟。2. 節約。3. (自然界的)法理,秩序,過程;組織;有機體。

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  1. Measures to accelerative development of private economy in china after the accession to wto

  2. Mco ( r ) s objectives are to promote the self - reliance and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. our alliance offers varied competitive services of and products made by people with disabilities to big and small business organizations and governmental departments contributing to the advancement of hong kong s productivity, economy and the welfare of the people with disabilities

  3. This new era has endowed it with varied epochal characters which lie in the following aspects : the general development of human spiritual world ; the transformation of personality in this era of intellectual economy as the inevitable trend of human general development ; the development of human resources as the main target of human general development ; and the concept of integrity as the scientific methodology to deepen human general development

  4. With the rapid development of market economy, the social relationship becomes more and more complex, and the social division of labor becomes varied

  5. Hi - tech industry is a backbone industry in the age of knowledge economy ; taking the shanghai zhangjiang hi - tech park as an object, and based on the analysis & research results by domestics and overseas experts, the paper brings forward the factors affecting hi - tech parks " allocation. differentiated from traditional allocation affecting factors, characters of knowledge economy are taken into consideration when high - tech industry districts allocation are planned, besides, significance of allocation factors has varied relevantly