varnish paper中文意思是什麼

varnish paper解釋

  • varnish: n 1 清漆,罩光漆,凡立水;釉子。2 (天然的)光澤面;表面光澤,外飾;(壞事等的)粉飾;掩飾。3 〈...
  • paper: n 1 紙;裱墻紙。2 報紙,報。3 收據;債券;證券;票據;匯票;鈔票(=paper money)。4 〈pl 〉身份...

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  1. This article is an abridgement of a paper presented at the launch of creativity and learning seminar on september 20, 1998, organised by the singapore chinese teachers " union

  2. In this paper, we study the convergences of random dirichlet series by the local convergence of random variable and the strong law of large numbers, and obtain some simple and explict formulae on abscissa of convergence

  3. The paper analyses different forms of narrative embedding in two absurdist plays, i. e., samuel beckett ' s krapp ' s last tape and edward albee ' s the zoo story, in an attempt to show the poetic characteristic of this narrative strategy in application to the two plays

  4. First, letter paper, do you hear, eight quires, like this pattern, you see ; gilt edged take the pattern, so as to be sure to match it ; varnish, sealing - wax according to mihail ivanitchs list

    信箋,要八帖,就是這個樣品金邊的一定要照這個樣清漆,火漆封蠟按照米哈伊爾伊萬內奇開的單子辦。 」
  5. The present situation of impregnating varnish at home and abroad, the developing direction of heat - resistant type, environmental protection type, low temperature sharp paint were introduced in detail, in this paper