vertical mode中文意思是什麼

vertical mode解釋

  • vertical: adj 1 垂直的,直立的,豎立的,縱的( opp horizontal )。2 頂上的,頂點的,絕頂的。3 【解剖學】頭...
  • mode: n 1 法,樣,方法,方式。2 模,型;樣式,體裁,款式;習慣。3 風尚;〈the mode〉流行,時髦。4 【語...

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  1. The revolution of modern management which is due to the start of information technique is on the way, among them, “ business focus stratege ” and “ business outsourcing ” are two obvious trends. these bring a kind of new mode for the enterprise management, namely more and more enterprises are around a certain entity and come into being limitless networks, and each enterprise manage a business at the special realm of oneself. they neither belong to each other nor give order each other, but obeying certain and common rules, all enterprises join up to creat value for the ultima customers. such business mode is neither a pure market behavior, nor a vertical integration, but is a middle organization between market and enterprise, which we name hyperenterprise

    這給企業經營管理帶來一種新的模式,即越來越多的企業圍繞著某一個實體逐漸形成一個無邊的網路,在這個網路中,每一個企業在自己特殊的領域開展生產經營活動,他們互不隸屬也互不發號施令,但是卻自覺地遵循某種共同的規則,因而所有這些企業又無形地聯合起來為最終用戶創造著價值。這樣的企業運作模式既不是無組織的單純市場行為,也不是以往的縱向一體化,而是一種介於市場與企業之間的中間組織,我們把它稱為「超企業」 。
  2. Based on the different direction of view and water and relation of water and land, the author divided lake landscapes into vertical single - water landscape, parallel poly - water landscape, vertical poly - water landscape, parallel single - water landscape and bird ' s - eye view landscape. addition to, the author discussed the effect of distance between a given vantage point and opposite shore to plant landscape ' s visual character, then give the key point of plant designing in different lake landscape mode and researched the effect to visual landscape caused by all kinds of plant design method from the plant on land and water

  3. The vertical tail size is not set to avoid spiral instability because this mode is not critical.

  4. In this paper, through the self oscillation analysis and the earthquake response analysis, the frequency, the oscillation mode, the transverse and vertical earthquake response of the different cable form projects and the relevant single - layer spherical latticed shell were compared, the effect of different cable form projects to the structural dynamical stability was obtained

  5. Based on the experiment of full - sized cshb walls under lateral and vertical loads, initial crack - resisting stiffen formula was deduced by considering the influence of concrete beams, concrete core columns, structural columns, vertical pressure and window ( or door ). the results calculated from the formula were fit well with the experimental results. by the analysis of displacement at initial crazing, probability statistical mode and its parameters of relative displacement angle were presented