vertical trapezium distortion中文意思是什麼

vertical trapezium distortion解釋

  • vertical: adj 1 垂直的,直立的,豎立的,縱的( opp horizontal )。2 頂上的,頂點的,絕頂的。3 【解剖學】頭...
  • trapezium: n. (pl. trapeziums, -zia ) 【數學】不規則四邊形;梯形;【解剖學】大多角骨。
  • distortion: n. 1. 歪扭,扭曲。2. 【電學】(信號、波形等的)失真;【物理學】(透鏡成像產生的)畸變;【醫學】扭轉,變形。3. 竄改,歪曲,曲解。adj. -al

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  1. Then we deal with the relative fluctuations as following : take relative fluctuations from small to big and take them as abscissa, the corresponding vertical is the total number that relative fluctuations equal to or bigger than the abscissa

  2. Double - wing micro air vehicles adopts the aerodynamic shape : no tail, only wings and vertical tail placing in wing

  3. Scheme study of vertical cutoff wallused for dike on alluvial foundation

  4. Based on the principle of mechano - chemistry, the strong shock and crashing mechanical force produced by ls - 250 pulverizer can act to the surface of superfine carbon and white carbon particles during the process. the result of the experiment indicated that distortion and amorphism change occur to the surface crystal lattice of carbon particles, and the phenomena are prick up as the action time of mechano - chemical force

  5. And according to real conditions has finished relative experiments. consequently, in theory the author utilizes subspace and lanczos methods to analyses, experimental data. through the comparing, find in " limiting elements calculation the different boundary can affect dynamic properties, for example, the important place of lateral vibration, vertical vibration, shrinking vibration and vertical distortion vibration in automatic frequency

    在現有條件下完成了相應的部分實驗,並用subspace (子空間)迭代法和lanczos (蘭索斯)法在理論上對實驗數據進行分析,同時與試驗成果相互對照,找出不同的邊界條件在有限元計算中對結構動力特性的影響,例如,側向振動、上下振動、收縮振動及豎向扭曲振動在結構的自振頻率中的主次關系。