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  1. All the government shoes are made of alligator hide.

  2. Customer : may i have a pair of alligator shoes

  3. Their hair was but half attended to, their ears anaemic in hue, and their shoes broken in leather and run down at heel and toe

  4. I have a happy family. i am like my father very much, he is very young, he has big eyes of black, small nose, child, small mouth and round face. he has the short hair of black, the shoes of dress white shirt, black pants and brown. he likes black, my father is very handsome. my mother is also very young, she likes a yellow, she has black of big eyes, small nose, child, small mouth with long of face. she has aureate and short hair, the shirt of dress pink, the shoes of the skirt and red of black. my mother is very beautiful. but i am a gentle and quiet girl, i like a blue, i have black of long hair, have black of big eyes, small nose, child, small mouth with long of face. i wear blue shirt, the skirt of the white and the shoes of the black. we are all very high

  5. Then suddenly, he thought of the awl which is used to make shoes