visceral pouch中文意思是什麼

visceral pouch解釋

  • visceral: adj. 1. 內臟的。2. 內心的。3. 本能的;食慾的;粗鄙的。
  • pouch: n 1 (隨身攜帶的)小袋,囊;煙草袋;〈蘇格蘭語〉衣袋;〈古語〉錢包。2 【軍事】皮製彈藥盒。3 郵袋...

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  1. Laparoscopic tme and j - pouch colon - anal anastomosis in treatment of low rectal cancer

  2. In ancient times, the baldric and ornament products included pouch, tobacco pouch, perfume ( spice ) bag, waist pouch, fan cover, fan bag, handkerchief bag, glasses box and jewelry box, which were used by high officials and scholars

  3. Lateral to the rectum, the peritoneum forms right and left perirectal fossae, anterior to which is the retrovesical pouch

  4. Gabby inflated his voice pouch part way, remarked in grandfather riquol ' s strong, rich voice, " my, my ! we ' re not being quite on our best behavior today, are we, llf ?

    饒舌頭把它的聲囊鼓起一部分,用祖父那雄厚的聲音說, 「哎呀,哎呀!這還不是今天我們幹得最棒的呢,是吧,里夫? 」
  5. A female kangaroo carries its young in a pouch