viscous spacer中文意思是什麼

viscous spacer解釋

  • viscous: adj. 1. 黏的,膠黏的;【物理學】黏性的。2. 【植物;植物學】具有黏質的。adv. -ly
  • spacer: n. 1. 留間隔者[器]。2. 隔離物。3. 墊片,墊圈;襯墊,襯套;撐擋;隔板;(打字機跳格的)間隔檔。4. 【印刷】空鉛,襯條。5. 【電影】暗幀。

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  1. Ultra - chic and iconic styling with outer - spacer transparent cover

  2. The viscous damping material developed in the paper can be compared to the international congeneric production in the performances and can be used in practical engineering

  3. Applicable to lpressure measurements for liquid mediums at high temperature, such as corrosive, high viscous, crystallizable and solid - particles containing fluids commonly used in petrochemical indusery, etc

  4. The integral equations governing the three - dimensional viscous flow inside the turbo - machinery in the rotating coordinate system are presented in this paper, the viscous effects are simulated by the distributed body force described by professor denton j. d. the time - marching method and explicit finite volume difference scheme are employed to solve the flow inside the turbo - machinery

    本文給出了相對旋轉坐標系下葉輪機械內部三維粘性流動的守恆型積分型方程組,利用dentonj . d .教授的粘性體積力法來模擬粘性對葉輪機械內部流動的影響,採用時間推進法和有限體積差分格式對葉輪機械內部的流動進行求解。
  5. Technical policy for horizontal well steam soak of viscous oil reseroirs in small fault blocks