visible effects in中文意思是什麼

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  • visible: adj 1 可見的,看得見的,肉眼能見的。2 顯著的,顯明的,明白的。3 能會見的。4 (資料等)顯露式的,...
  • effects: (游戲)效果
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...

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  1. Steric effects in rate constants for bimolecular dissociation

  2. When the field is slowly - varying, the scalar field potential acts like a cosmological constant. in addition to the quintessence models, many other theories for dark energy have been proposed, including models based on super - symmetric gauge theories, super - gravity, small extra dimensions, large extra dimensions, quantum field theory effects in curved space - time. all these models are essentially based on the existence of a mass less scalar field acting at a cosmic scale

  3. Effects in litigation : semantic meaning and significance analysis

  4. The recommendations assume that, in the aftermath of major hurricanes or floods, buildings wet for > 48 hours will generally support visible and extensive mold growth and should be remediated, and excessive exposure to mold - contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination

  5. The o - azo / cnts nanocomposites show better photosensitivity than the bulk material in the visible and near - ir region, as well as enhancement effects in photo - response in the visible and near - ir region ( 470 - 800 nm )

    研究發現該復合材料體系在可見光區和近紅外光區( 470 800nm )均有光譜響應,光譜響應范圍得到了拓寬,並在該波長范圍內的光電導性能有大幅度提高。