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  • visual: adj. 1. 視覺的,觀看的;視力的。2. 看得見的。3. 光學的。4. 形象化的。adv. -ly (the visually impaired 〈委婉語〉盲人;視力很差的人)。
  • descent: n. 1. 下降,降下。2. 下坡,傾斜。3. 家世,門第,血統。4. 【法律】繼承,世襲。5. 一代;〈古語〉子孫,後裔。6. 突然襲擊。7. 屈尊,降格。
  • point: n 1 尖頭,尖端;尖頭器具;〈美國〉筆尖;接種針,雕刻針,編織針;小岬,小地角;【拳擊】下巴。2 【...

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  1. It is in this point of tangency that this paper treats the development of mmep from one brand - new visual angle

  2. A point wise evaluation of the diagnostic power of swap values was performed to derive spatial patterns of visual field loss

  3. This paper uses the main social individual ' s interdynamic game theoretic method and it attempts to, from the point of social individuals, to deduct performance of trust in the role in thrift course of the transaction, in order to make every effort to explain the structure of trust and interpersonal relationships with the visual angle of new system economics fundamentally, to analyze the social economic phenomenon of china

  4. Based on the different direction of view and water and relation of water and land, the author divided lake landscapes into vertical single - water landscape, parallel poly - water landscape, vertical poly - water landscape, parallel single - water landscape and bird ' s - eye view landscape. addition to, the author discussed the effect of distance between a given vantage point and opposite shore to plant landscape ' s visual character, then give the key point of plant designing in different lake landscape mode and researched the effect to visual landscape caused by all kinds of plant design method from the plant on land and water

  5. Originating airport name, metarspeci issue time, wind directionspeedgust, wind direction variation, visibility, runway visual range, weather during time of observation, cloud, air temperaturedew - point, qnh ( pressure measured at airport with adjustment made to suit aeronautical use ), weather during the past hour but not at time of observation, wind shear information, trend - type landing forecast

    Metarspeci電碼包含趨勢預測,即預測未來兩小時內天氣的轉變,而且更利用特別標號(視乎情況,標號可以是ttttt = becmg或tempo )又或是nosig ,來指明轉變。 ( becmg意指逐漸轉變; tempo意指間中; nosig意指並無顯著轉變。 )