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  • visual: adj. 1. 視覺的,觀看的;視力的。2. 看得見的。3. 光學的。4. 形象化的。adv. -ly (the visually impaired 〈委婉語〉盲人;視力很差的人)。
  • performance: n. 1. 執行,實行,履行;完成;實現;償還。2. 行為,動作,行動;工作。3. 性能;特性。4. 功績;成績。5. 演奏;彈奏;演出;(馴獸等的)表演;把戲。6. 【物理學】演績。

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  1. 5. using these mathematic models discussed in the paper, the homemade excimer laser aberration correction system has been manufactured with cooperation of su zhou 66 vision tech co., ltd. now the system has been applied to clinical practice. clinical results showed that : the excimer laser aberration correction system can remarkably improve visual performance when treating ametropia ; the system can

    5 .根據論文中的關鍵模型,與有關單位合作,研製出了準分子激光人眼像差矯正系統,該系統目前已投入臨床應用;臨床報告表明,系統在矯正屈光不正時效果顯著且安全,在像差矯正時有效、安全。
  2. People of all ages are fond of playing soap bubbles. bubble show is a kind of beautiful visual artistic performance with rich science contexts

  3. Effects of vdt screen luninance and file background illumination on visual proof - reading performance

  4. The author argues that introduction mis and es to the management and design of welding materials is practicable and necessary. through the contrast of much software, visual c + + and sql server 2000 are adopted to develop the mis and es of welding materials intelligent management and design for their fine performance. the whole steps of software development based on c / s edition will be described in details in following

    在此分析基礎上本文選擇visualc + +及sqlserver2000作為開發工具,以焊條作為設計樣本,建立了具有實際使用價值的焊材數據庫,並在此基礎上建立了專家系統,實現了基於c s的焊材計算機輔助智能管理與設計專家系統。
  5. Using the wavefront aberration map and the mtf, interaction between aberrations to improve or reduce visual performance is discussed. 2. a model for wavefront reconstruction from slopes of reflected wave is presented

    2 .從理論上建立了由眼底發出的測試波前斜率測量值重建波前曲面(數值上等於波前像差)的模型。