volatile material中文意思是什麼

volatile material解釋

  • volatile: adj. 1. 揮發(性)的,飛散(性)的。2. 快活的,輕快的。3. 易變的,反復無常的,輕浮的。
  • material: adj 1 物質的(opp spiritual)。2 身體上的,肉體上的;物慾的,追求實利的;卑俗的。3 有形的,實體的...

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  1. Spontaneous generation the erroneous belief that modern living organisms can be formed directly and spontaneously from inorganic material, given the right conditions ( abiogenesis )

  2. Abrasive wear may be defined as damage to a surface by a harder material.

  3. When a donor or an acceptor impurity is added to a semiconductor, we say that the material has been "doped".

  4. The adulterated edible oil could be determined by detecting the regular physicochemical indexes, metal ion content, conductivity, sdbs content, afb1, volatile material, fatty acid composition, cholesterol, ir and uv characteristic absorption

    通過對油脂的常規理化指標、金屬離子含量、電導率、十二烷基苯磺酸鈉( sdbs ) 、黃麴黴毒素、揮發性物質、脂肪酸組成、膽固醇、紅外及紫外特徵吸收等指標進行定性定量分析,可以鑒別食用油是否摻偽。
  5. Standard test methods for rubber chemicals - determination of volatile material