volcanic hearth中文意思是什麼

volcanic hearth解釋

  • volcanic: adj. 1. 火山(性)的;火山作用形成的,火成的。2. 有火山的,火山多的。3. 暴發性的,猛烈的,激烈的。adv. -ically
  • hearth: n. 1. 壁爐地面。2. 爐邊;〈比喻〉家庭。3. 【冶金】(平爐的)爐床;(高爐的)爐膛,爐缸。

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  1. The wall rock of the mine is the third member of aqishan formation, which it is formed by the neutral - acidic volcanic rock and volcanic arenite of calcium - alkala series. the rock is mainly of andesite, quartz andesite, volcanic breccia agglomerate and volcanic breccia

  2. Arequipa, the city at the foot of el misti, is the commercial and agricultural hub of southern peru. the city takes its gleam from volcanic building stone

  3. The historic centre of arequipa, built in volcanic sillar rock, represents an integration of european and native building techniques and characteristics, expressed in the admirable work of colonial masters and criollo and indian masons

  4. Bimodal volcanic complex

  5. When a child is born, the women of the family must carry it three times around its parents ? hearth, and then examine it for birth marks