voltage doubler中文意思是什麼

voltage doubler解釋

  • voltage: n. 【電學】電壓,電壓量,伏特數。 the working voltage (電氣的)耐壓限度。

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  1. Input voltage : 400v dc ac peak at 1khz

    最大輸入電壓: 400v直流加交流峰值在1khz
  2. When measuring the magneto performance parameter , we find that the instrument which use to measure voltage and current is still the simple voltmeter and amperemeter in the national standard , and the form of wave that we observed is anomaly. based on the measure principles, it obviously ca n ' t be used to do quantitative analysis ; because the discharge process of ignition system is quite complex, accompanies with very strong electromagnetism interference, and the ignition current and voltage are variable , it make the measure of ignition energy become a difficult thing of ignition system performance detection

  3. 3 end adopt philips power doubler post module, high voltage output

  4. Thirdly, the relative theories of the limiter and rectifier are studied. in order to make the passive responder work stably under the conditions of large dynamic range of the receiving power and the high efficiency requirement, a two - stage limiter circuit and a voltage - doubler rectifier circuit with several diodes parallel are developed

    3 ,對應答器地面裝置中的能量轉換電路進行了研究,針對應答器地面裝置接收到的載波功率具有大動態范圍的特點以及系統能量轉換的高效率要求,設計了一種兩級級聯二極體限幅電路和多管並聯的倍壓整流電路。
  5. A current - doubler - rectifier ( cdr ) zvs pwm h - fb tl converter is proposed in this paper, the proposed converter can achieve zvs for all the switches in a wide load range with the use of the energy stored in the output filter inductance, in the meanwhile, the voltage oscillation and voltage spike across the rectifier diodes resulted by the reverse recovery are eliminated

    為了消除輸出整流二極體反向恢復造成的的電壓尖峰和振蕩,同時使所有開關管在很寬的負載范圍內實現zvs ,本文提出了倍流整流方式的zvspwmh - fbtl變換器。