voortrekker pers中文意思是什麼

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  1. Oil of litsea cubeba litsea cubeba pers

  2. 4 pahlavan k, krishnamurthy p, hatami a. handoff in hybrid mobile data networks. ieee pers. commun.,

  3. Methods for quarantine and identification of sorghum halepense pers

  4. It seems that the strong interest in the differential equations with piecewise constant argument is motivated by the fact that they describe hybrid dynamical systems which is a combination of the properties of both differential and difference equations. there have been many pa - pers ( such as [ 7 ] ~ [ 15 ] ) concerning these equations

    由於具逐段常變量的微分方程是連續和離散動力系統的混合形式,它既具有微分方程的性質也具有差分方程的性質,從而引起廣泛的興趣,研究此類方程的文獻並不少見,如[ 7 ] [ 15 ] 。
  5. An allen vier anschlagsorten seien pers ? nliche papiere gefunden worden, mit denen die m ? nner identifiziert werden k ? nnen