(pl. W's, w's )1. 英語字母表第二十三個字母。
2. W 字形物。
3. 〈W〉 【化學】元素鎢 (wolfram) 的符號。
4. 【印刷】W 鉛字。
1. warden. 名詞 2. warehouse. 3. watt(s). 4. weight. 5. west; western. 名詞 6. width. 7. 【物理學】 work. 8. Wales; Welsh. 9. Washington. 名詞 10. week(s). 11. wide. 12. wife. 13. with. 14. won. 名詞


    1. Fried superior shark s fin w abalone sauce ( 2. 5 teals )

    2. W rap hair in super absorbent towel

    3. 3 ) if r is a left sf - ring whose every special left annihilator is w - ideal, then r is a strongly regular ring

      3 )如果r是左sf -環且r的每個特殊左零化子是w -理想,則r是強正則環。
    4. The results of research on the workability of hbc concrete show that hbc concrete, when compared with opc concrete, has excellent compatibility with superplasticizer, in terms of better initial fluidity, less slump loss, definite saturation point and less dosage at saturation point. in addition, good mineral admixture such as i class fly ash can obviously improve the workability of hbc concrete. moreover, hbc concrete exhibits more excellent workability under the condition of low w / c ratio, which indicates hbc is more suitable for making super high strength concrete whose w / c ratio is very low

    5. Poet w. h. auden wrote : evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our own table