1. West Africa 西非。
2. Western Australia 西澳大利亞。
3. with average 【商業】水漬險(承保單獨海損)。


    1. The results showed that the f fragment, 728bp in length, could be a new gene with a little homology to the genes coding for polyketide synthetase or fatty - acid synthetase and the b fragment, about 4kb in length, is inferred to have repeat sequences around tn5 insertion site, in which there is homology to the wa 314 right arm of the high - pathogeniciry island of yersinia enterocolitica. to reveal any pathogenicity of enterobacter cloacae b8 and its mutated strains b8b and b8f to animals, the experiment with mice was carried out

      結果顯示, f片段長度為728bp ,與現有生物數據庫的blast比較分析,發現該序列僅有局部短於1oobp的區域與polyketide合成酶基因或與脂肪酸合成酶基因有低的同源性,推測為一新基因; b片段長約4kb ,序列拼接結果推測靠近tn5插入位點部位有重復序列,對b片段tn5遠端的部分序列進行blast比較,發現它與小腸結腸炎耶爾森氏菌的強毒力島有一定的同源性。
    2. A section of lung wui road between tim wa avenue and fenwick pier street

      ( 2 )介乎添華道與分域碼頭街之間的龍匯道;
    3. The unclear orientation of the role played by advertisers is, in fact, a periodic issue that has arisen from the immaturity of wa development

    4. The significance and contribution of wa people to the victory of anti - imperialist war contemporary

    5. Note : 1 ) p = prefectural ; n = national. 2 ) hc = high combining ability ; sr = strong restoring ability ; gq = good quality ; rb = resistant to biast ; psr = persistent resistance of blast ; ct = cold tolerance ; hoc = high outcrossing rate ; hsy = high and stable yield ; wa = wide abaptability ; geq = good eating quality ; bp = big panicle ; hy = high yield ; mrb = moderate resistance of blast