adj. 形容詞 〈美俚〉古怪的,反常的,瘋癲的。


    1. Wacky, daffy, nutty, fruitcake, crispy over rice, it doesn ' t matter

    2. Man bor jackie chan is a wacky girl crazy private eye with a penchant for fast cars

      清子因偷聽到劫船陰謀,四處逃避追殺,但大. .
    3. Illus. in full color. " this wacky, rhyming exploration of the concept of shapes will be welcomed by beginning readers. " - - instructor

    4. Again focuses on adventures of lung wai ronald cheng and his buddies. the three wacky cops, while enjoying their vacation in a quiet village on an outlying island, accidentally mess up a special operation by the sdu squad, hunting down an important criminal. the village s guardian, a goddess statue, also gets stolen

    5. In this wacky - looking house that could only belong to goofy, kids can literally bounce off the walls and furniture for a jumping good time