n. 名詞 填料,填絮;填彈塞原料;填塞物;填塞。


    1. Severe water deficit at seedling stage and wadding stage, medium water deficit at buds and bolls stage can be propitious to cotton yield

    2. Knitted thermal underwear. wadding category

    3. Testing of textiles ; dry - cleaning of non - woven fabrics ; non - woven interlinings and non - woven wadding

    4. Our company establishes in the 1 9 9 5. the headquarters establishes in hong kong, producing the base be located to enjoy together in the dragon gang district of shenzhen city the banyan frightens the industry area. the company is main to produce, computer jian cotton, pinprick cotton, spray the gum cotton, soft cotton, wash the cotton of water, imitate the silk wadding and prevents fire cotton, hard mat cotton, should be complete, the computer jian cotton is to goes together the scale of inside the most perfect, up to 100 style pattern, a gentleman choice

    5. While work - piece is running, don ' t touch work - piece by hand or wipe it with wadding, don ' t ( either ) clean away cutting scrap by hand, or force braking by hand