wage differential中文意思是什麼

wage differential解釋

  • wage: n. 〈常 pl. 〉1. 工資。2. 報應。vt. 1. 實行,進行,作(戰等) (on against)。2. 〈方言〉雇傭。3. 〈古語〉打賭;抵押;擔保。
  • differential: adj 1 差別的,區別的;特定的。2 【數學】微分的。3 【物、機】差動的,差速的,差示的。n 1 (鐵路不...

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  1. Survey on differential diagnosis and treatment of acne

  2. Differential acrylic fiber copolymerized from multicomponent copolymer can be used to develop kinds of textile material. at present, there is no other kinds of chemical fiber can substitute acrylic fibre completely

  3. Armiger found differential tolerance to al among soybean varieties.

  4. Differential thermal analysis did not reveal the ammonium perchlorate phase change from rhombic to cubic.

  5. 1 solid - phase extraction of barbitone - - ultraviolet differential derivative spectrophotometry in this paper the solid - phase extraction and uv differential derivative spectrophotometry quantitative determination method for 5 of drugs, including barbital, phenobarbital, pentobarbital, amobarbital and secobarbital in blood, urine, liver, kidney, lung and brain

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