n. 名詞 1. (二馬以上的四輪)運貨馬車。
2. 〈英國〉(鐵路的)無蓋貨車。
3. 手推車。
4. 【采】礦車。
5. 〈美國〉麵包車〈小型多座汽車〉。
6. 巡邏警車。
7. 〈美俚〉嬰孩車。
8. 〈the waggon〉 囚車。
9. 〈the W-〉 【天文學】北斗七星。
10. 〈美俚〉左輪(手槍)。
vt. 及物動詞 用運貨馬車[貨車、手推車等]運送。


    1. Someone jumped out from the foremost waggon and cried aloud.

    2. Where is that child s funeral disappeared to ? a team of horses passed from finglas with toiling plodding tread, dragging through the funereal silence a creaking waggon on which lay a granite block

    3. After loading there was a long delay before the horses were brought, these having been unharnessed during the ridding ; but at length, about two o clock, the whole was under way, the cooking - pot swinging from the axle of the waggon, mrs durbeyfield and family at the top, the matron having in her lap, to prevent injury to its works, the head of the clock, which, at any exceptional lurch of the waggon, struck one, or one - and - a - half, in hurt tones

    4. Soon the equipage began to ascend to higher ground, and the wind grew keener with the change of level and soil. the day being the sixth of april, the durbeyfield waggon met many other waggons with families on the summit of the load, which was built on a wellnigh unvarying principle, as peculiar, probably, to the rural labourer as the hexagon to the bee

    5. They mounted in front of the waggon, and abraham grew reflective