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  • wall: n 1 墻壁;(石、磚等的)圍墻;城墻。2 (形狀、用途)像墻壁的東西,障壁;土堤,堤防。3 (礦井、容...
  • division: n 1 分,分開,分割;分劃,區分。2 分配;分派。3 分裂,(意見)不一致,傾軋。4 區域;〈英國〉選區...

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  1. The first chapter, to clarify the conception of the " crossing situation ", focuses on expounding the definition and the classification of the " crossing situation ", including the definition of the " power - driven vessel ", " course crossing ", and " so as to involve risk of collision ", the classification of the pattern for the crossing situation as well, meanwhile, the thesis puts forward the general division for the " crossing situation " : such as small angle " crossing situation ", abeam " crossing situation ", and large angle " crossing situation "

    第一篇主要論述「交叉相遇局面」的定義和分類,包括對「機動船」 、 「航向交叉」 、 「致有構成碰撞危險」這三者的定義和交叉相遇局面的分類,使「交叉相遇局面」在概念上有一個清晰的定義,同時明確地給出了交叉相遇局面三種交叉態勢的一般劃分:小角度交叉、正橫交叉、大角度交叉。
  2. Through the wall he heard someone playing the accordion

  3. Through the wall, he heard someone playing the accordion

  4. When the count arrived, he had under his touch his books and arms, his eyes rested upon his favorite pictures ; his dogs, whose caresses he loved, welcomed him in the ante - chamber ; the birds, whose songs delighted him, cheered him with their music ; and the house, awakened from its long sleep, like the sleeping beauty in the wood, lived, sang, and bloomed like the houses we have long cherished, and in which, when we are forced to leave them, we leave a part of our souls. the servants passed gayly along the fine court - yard ; some, belonging to the kitchens, gliding down the stairs, restored but the previous day, as if they had always inhabited the house ; others filling the coach - houses, where the equipages, encased and numbered, appeared to have been installed for the last fifty years ; and in the stables the horses replied with neighs to the grooms, who spoke to them with much more respect than many servants pay their masters. the library was divided into two parts on either side of the wall, and contained upwards of two thousand volumes ; one division was entirely devoted to novels, and even the volume which had been published but the day before was to be seen in its place in all the dignity of its red and gold binding

  5. Bosch thermotechnology is a division under the branch consumer goods and building technology of robert bosch group, one of the most internationalized divisions, with a wide product range : including gas wall - hung boiler, gas water heater, gas oil floor - standing boiler, electric water heater, household aeration system, solar energy collector and full set of accessories etc.