• warehouse: n 1 倉庫,貨棧。2 批發莊;大零售店。3 〈美,貶〉「福利庫」〈指收容精神病患者、老人、貧困者等的大...
  • club: n 1 棍棒;(馬球等的)球棒;【生物學】錘節,(昆蟲觸角中的)棒,棒狀構造[器官]。2 俱樂部,夜總會...


  1. The campus has its hall, library, lecture theatres, laboratories, computer rooms, workshops, chinese - style and western - style training kitchens and restaurants, hotel training guestroom, front office simulation unit, accommodation training unit, centre for independent language learning, jockey club student centre, as well as sports and recreational facilities

  2. Are there all female students in aerobic club

    (健美社團里都是女同學嗎? )
  3. In settling on island, the first building erected by a spaniard will be a church ; by a frenchman, a fort ; by a dutchman, a warehouse ; and by an englishman, an alehouse

  4. They are club - hauling ! hard aport ! raise the starboard oars. - hard aport

    -他們回轉了!固定左舷!收起右舷的船槳. -固定左舷
  5. After the successful showing of “ going for more ” at the fringe club in 2005, the group is pleased to present its fourth production “ on the bridge of avignon ” this year

    繼2005年于藝穗會多的朵的成功表演后, 「的?朵」今年誠意獻上新作橋上舞。