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  • warrant: n 1 正常理由;根據;(被授予的)權力。2 保證;證明文件;許可證,執照;收據;認股證書;棧單;委任...
  • officer: n 1 官員,辦事員,(高級)職員。2 【軍事】軍官,武官;警官;法警;【航海】(商船的)船長,高級船...
  • class: n 1 階級;社會等級。2 學級;班級,年級,級,班;組;(有組織的)講習班;〈美國〉同年畢業班;【軍事...

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  1. A warrant officer who assists the engineering officer in the engine room of a naval vessel

  2. After completing this course, the graduate should be able to perform the duties of an experimental officer equivalent to wmo class ii meteorological personnel

  3. Reiterating the same theme again, the story gives a severe but incisive critique on the bureaucracy in japan through the conflict of the ruling class high rank police official and working class ordinary officer

  4. In connection with the deal, google said it issued an aggregate of 3. 2 million shares, and restricted stock units, options and a warrant exercisable for or convertible into an aggregate of 442, 210 shares of its class a common stock

    與這一交易相關,谷歌同時宣布,該公司發行了320萬股股票,以及可以轉換為44 . 221萬股a類普通股的限制股、期權和憑證。
  5. Mr david saunders, chief executive officer of asiasports limited, said : " as a key player in promoting recreational ice skating and ice hockey in hong kong, we are committed to supporting hong kong s development of ice sports through the provision of a world - class training venue for young, up - and - coming athletes

    亞洲體育有限公司行政總裁david saunders表示:作為在香港積極推動滑冰及冰球運動的一份子,我們對推廣香港冰上運動一直不遺餘力,更致力為年青及新一輩運動員提供世界級訓練場地。