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  • waste: adj 1 荒蕪的,不毛的,荒廢了的;未開墾的;荒涼的。2 廢棄的,無用的;多餘的;身體內排泄的。vt 1 糟...
  • spinning: n 1 紡;精紡;棉紗。2 旋轉;自旋;旋壓。3 用旋轉匙狀誘餌釣魚。4 (原地不動地蹬踏固定式自行車的)...
  • equipment: n. 1. 〈常 pl. 〉設備,裝備,配件,配備物品。2. (一個企業除房地產以外的)固定資產。3. (工作必需的)知識,技能,修養。4. (火車)車輛;(汽車等)運輸配備。

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  2. The shortage of this kind of system is that the mechanical frictional waste and noises are n ' t neglectable. this results in the low efficiency and the short life of the equipment so that it ca n ' t guarantee the reliability of the system for long term running

  3. Its products comprise various types of electrostatic precipitator 、 long bag low pressure pulse 、 positive ( negative ) pressure reverse flow 、 rhombus bag filter ( explosion proofing and ordinary type ) 、 pulsant rotary reverse flow flat bag filter 、 gas - box pulse bag filter ; flue gas desulfurization 、 waste water treatment facility and different nonstandard equipment

    主要產品有各種型號的靜電除塵器(管極式及極板式) 、長袋低壓脈沖袋式除塵器、正(負)壓反吹大布袋除塵器、菱形袋式除塵器(防爆型及普通型) 、脈動反吹扁袋回轉式除塵器、氣箱脈沖除塵器等收塵設備;煙氣脫硫設備、水處理設備及各種規格的非標設備。
  4. Organic waste treatment equipment

  5. Starting from 1 august 2005, the ecf has also allocated 5 million to support the housing estates for implementation of source separation of domestic waste. partial funding would be granted for purchase of waste sorting equipment and facilities