waste weir中文意思是什麼

waste weir解釋

  • waste: adj 1 荒蕪的,不毛的,荒廢了的;未開墾的;荒涼的。2 廢棄的,無用的;多餘的;身體內排泄的。vt 1 糟...
  • weir: n. 韋爾〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 〈英國〉堰,(導流)壩。2. 水口。3. 魚梁。

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  1. The discrimination methods of edible oil adulterated waste cooking oil were summarized

  2. The cost for the deposition of the waste depends also upon the volume of the storage cavities and the maximum allowable radioactive concentration of the waste.

  3. Photography - processing waste - determination of ammoniacal nitrogen microdiffusion method

  4. Th - aady and saccharifying enzyme were activated and used in waste distiller ' s grains of special flavoring liquor, which could make full use of the residual amylum, residual sugar, and long - term fermented flavoring substances in the waste distiller ' s grains

    摘要將th - aady和糖化酶活化後用在特殊調味酒的丟糟中,利用了丟糟中的殘淀、殘糖和長期發酵的香味物質,可節約生產成本,保證口感,增加出酒率。
  5. Abstract : through analysis of the components of coking on different parts of desullfur system of single tower and the waste water containing sulfur, we find the cause of coking in the stripping desulur system from single tower is the polymerization reaction of carbohydrate and the separattion of varied solid powders, organic compounds, and all corrosive productions of metal out of waste water in high temperature, therefore, the solving method is how to decrease the oil content, how to depolymerize form the carbohydrate and how to antisepticize by vapour of waste water