watermelon season中文意思是什麼

watermelon season解釋

  • watermelon: 【植物;植物學】西瓜。
  • season: n 1 季;季節;〈美國〉雨季。2 (水果、魚類等的)旺季;流行季節;時令;活動期。3 好時機;適當時機...

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  1. During the festival, events such as traditional tea ceremonies and japanese koto harp performances were held in this garden abloom with the autumn flora so each visitor could fully enjoy the fall season

  2. You have a known quantity, your team, and you have to make them into something that can win the absolute majority of some 60 games a season, against 30 + other teams of almost equal quality

  3. Ambient concentrations varied considerably by season.

  4. Freesia, nerines, anthurium, and muscari also fit the bill and can take the trend beyond its winter season of 1 december to 14 february

  5. " barely were we able to keep up with garbage collection during the watermelon season, " the sanitation workers complained

    環衛工人抱怨說: "在西瓜旺季,我們幾乎不能清運完垃圾.