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  • wave: n 〈美海軍〉女志願軍人〈見 WAVES 條〉。n 1 波浪;碎浪; 〈the wave(s)〉 〈詩〉海。2 波動;波狀...
  • dipole: n. 【物、化】1. 偶極。2. 偶極天線。

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  1. As the experimental realization of achromatic wave plates is somewhat the same as that of pif, this thesis will not discuss it

  2. No response to the touch on the surface acoustic wave screen

  3. Each segment of line current can be approximated as a hertzian dipole if each segment is much smaller then a wave length

  4. For a x - directed line current with lengh much smaller than a wave length, the e - field pattern on coordinate planes in 3 - d space in the region from much smaller than line length to one or two wave length, the synthesized pattern by summation of the field of many line segments of hertz dipoles is independent of the number of segments, i. e. same field as a single hertz dipole

  5. In chapter 2, two kinds of physical models, traveling wave monopole model and standing wave dipole model, are set up as well as information theory models