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  • wave: n 〈美海軍〉女志願軍人〈見 WAVES 條〉。n 1 波浪;碎浪; 〈the wave(s)〉 〈詩〉海。2 波動;波狀...
  • rear: n 1 后,後部,背面,背後 (opp front ) (艦隊或軍隊的)後方;后尾;殿後部隊,后衛。2 〈英口〉廁...

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  1. An expansion wave in accelerating flow broadens.

  2. Type designation system for surface acoustic wave filters

  3. The surface acoustic wave screen cannot be adjusted

  4. What ' s more, we put forward some experienced formulas on the basis of the cortical analysis. the result of the research show that by installing diffluent piers with low ridge, we can eliminate the root of oscillatiny water jump, perfect the energy dissipation effect of water jump, also, we can improve the flow condition of down - stream. the fact that the main flow of down - stream is in the middle, not only effectively lower the speed of the bottom flow in the ridge rear, alleviate the erosion to the river bed, but also avoid the heavy wave resulted from the main flow in the surface, thus improve the surface wave of down - stream obviously. we can work out the body style parameters of diffluent piers with low ridge according to the project flow condition and experience formulas, and then reckon the down - stream surface wave condition for the protected building of the down - stream bank

  5. Buffer the analysis of technology kneeling in the way, draw : while landing and buffering, support foot of leg land change, human body power to make accelerated motion stem from hip joint, swing leg, pelvis, wave arm, etc. muscle go cm at charging the constellation, produce the effort backward to the position of application of force moving in opposite directions, through supporting the sub ground of function, is it to horizontal strength of rear, make human body overcome competence apply the brake, make the motive force forward to make