way away中文意思是什麼

way away解釋

  • way: n 1 路,道路,通路。2 路程;距離。3 (要走的)路線;途中,路上;進行,前進;【法律】通行權。4 方...
  • away: adv 1 離開。2 …去,…掉。3 不在。4 不斷,繼續,…下去。5 到完,到底,完。6 立刻。7 【棒球】退場 (...

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  1. In this quiet way, the first fortnight of her visit soon passed away.

  2. “ but, being a geordie, what better way is there to go out than winning a derby 4 - 1 away from home and scoring a goal if that ' s going to be your last

    「但是,作為一個基尼,還有什麼比在德比大戰中4 - 1獲勝並取得進球更好的引退方式呢?
  3. He d be about eighteen now, way i figure it. the skibbereen father hereupon tore open his grey or unclean anyhow shirt with his two hands and scratched away at his chest on which was to be seen an image tattooed in blue chinese ink, intended to represent an anchor

  4. The article believes, on this " becoming " theory point, the leisure philosophy of confucianists aimes at becoming saint and wisdom, and its character is automomy, so man gets happiness of growing up from it ; the confucianists are based on emotion principles in leisure experiencing, they advocate that people taste the meaning and pleasure of life in this way, which break away from themselves, society and god ; the confucianists take a social leisure mad in leisure organizational system, the confucian and music as a read line to impenetrate the whole social organizational system, and they make the social organizational system become the guarantee system and social environment, from which man can obtain self - fulfillment and experience enjoyment

  5. China ? that ' s a long way away