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  • weather: n 1 天氣,氣候;暴風雨(天氣)。2 (某種)時候;處境;狀況。vt 1 使暴露在風雨中;通風,晾乾,吹乾...
  • plotter: n. 1. 策劃者;陰謀者。2. 繪跡器。3. 標圖員;制圖者。
  • receiver: n 1 接受者。2 收稅人,收稅官。3 招待人。4 窩家,收買賊贓的人。5 應戰者。6 【法律】破產案產業管理...

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  1. The process is called heat acclimation and is routinely seen in athletes training in hot weather

  2. A number of other types of information are also relayed into the computer, including information from picket ships, aew aircraft, ground observer corps , aircraft spotters, flight plans for both military and civilian aircraft, and weather information

    一些其他類型的信息也傳遞給了計算機,這些信息來自(雷達)哨艦, aew載預警飛機、地面觀測隊和空中偵查,還有軍用和民用飛機的飛行計劃、氣象等等信息
  3. The weather grew drier and the grass became scanty and the nomads stirred afresh.

  4. Weather systems associated with air masses are usually several hundred to a thousand or miles across and move from west to east.

  5. In bad weather, vehicle spray reduces visibility. be aware of air turbulence -