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  • web: n 1 蜘蛛網;蛛網狀東西,網狀組織;【紡織;印染】棉[毛]網;〈the W 〉【計算機】萬維網(= World Wi...
  • best: adj 〈good 和 well 的最高級〉 (opp worst) 1 最好的。2 最合適的。3 最多的,大部分的。4 〈口語〉...

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  1. The best place to look for a complete list of the alterations and additions that ibm makes is either the ibm http server web site, or infocenter, which is the technical information that comes with ibm http server itself

    了解ibm對apache所做的改變和新增特性最好的地方是ibm http server web站點或infocenter ,後者是ibm http server本身自帶的技術信息。
  2. For several trade shows we attended and found that fuser film sleeve, cleaning blade, web roller, pcr are always our best - selling products which receives good reputation with its fine quality and favorable price

    供應優質激光印表機和復印機的零配件:定影膜,充電輥,清潔紙,清潔刮板。 。 。
  3. Web services architecture and design best practices

  4. Please avoid using marketing slogans or superlatives ( e. g., " we ' re the biggest company " or " the best web site " or " the most comprehensive content " or " the great " or " many. . " )

    請勿使用廣告式或誇張用語(例如, "我們是最大的公司"或"最好的網頁"或"有最多的資料"或"酷站"或"很多. . . " )等詞。
  5. Web forwarding service is best for companies with multiple domains that want to point to a single website

    網頁飛線服務是udomain . net特別為擁有多個域名之客戶而設。