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  • web: n 1 蜘蛛網;蛛網狀東西,網狀組織;【紡織;印染】棉[毛]網;〈the W 〉【計算機】萬維網(= World Wi...
  • multimedia: n. 1. 【計算機】多媒體。2. 混合舞臺效果。3. 【繪畫】混合畫法(= mixed media)。adj. 多媒體的, 使用多種媒介[手段]的。
  • strategies: 合

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  1. The implementing strategies of universal design for web - based courses

  2. As a software agent instrument, because of its powerful interactive function, distinctive human - oriented characteristics, graceful interface and simple integrated programming method, ms agent has had great influences on the traditional interface which is composed of menu, mutton, and prompt box between computer and human being, therefore it has a bright future in the fields of such multimedia development, web application, education software and so on

    Msagent作為一種軟體代理工具,以其強大的交互功能、鮮明的人性化特點、優美的操作界面和簡便統一的編程方法,對由菜單、按鈕、提示框等組成的傳統人機交互方式產生了很大影響,在多媒體創作、 web應用、教育軟體、軟體幫助系統和輔助工具製作等方面,具有廣闊的應用前景。
  3. Meanwhile, it elaborates the juncture that information technology has brought to the implementation of developmental assessment from different perspectives. also, the writer expounds the essentials, strategies, and models of developmental assessment of students " learning processes under e - learning environment. furthermore , it puts forward the designing process and construction scheme of the web - based, dynamic assessment system

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