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  • web: n 1 蜘蛛網;蛛網狀東西,網狀組織;【紡織;印染】棉[毛]網;〈the W 〉【計算機】萬維網(= World Wi...
  • news: n. 〈通例作單數用〉1. 新聞,(新)消息;新聞報導。2. 新事件,奇事,奇聞。3. 音信。4. 〈N-〉〈報紙名〉…新聞報。adj. -less 沒有新聞的。

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  1. The front this week issued the second broadcast of a weekly web news program called voice of the caliphate, which it says aims to combat anti - qaeda " lies and propaganda " on major global and arab television channels such as cnn and al jazeera

    一家阿拉伯文報紙日前報道說, 「基地」組織在網際網路上刊登招聘啟事,欲招聘網路編輯幫助該組織在網上發表文字和製作視頻節目。
  2. Functions realized are as follows : search for current news of educational administration management on the web. course selection in the prescribed time, and characteristic searching in roles of student, teacher, president, school or department leader, etc. the usable information include student ' s basic information, student ' s score, curriculum schedule, teacher assess, and so on

  3. Economics news, economists web sites, data and link collection

  4. In addition, the firm specializes in conflict resolution of environmental issues. the web site provides some introduction of its environmental services, desalination services, and some news reporting

  5. Visual center of management in web news page