web novel中文意思是什麼

web novel解釋

  • web: n 1 蜘蛛網;蛛網狀東西,網狀組織;【紡織;印染】棉[毛]網;〈the W 〉【計算機】萬維網(= World Wi...
  • novel: adj. 新的,新穎的;新奇的,珍奇的,異常的。 a novel experience 新的經驗。n. 1. (長篇)小說。2. 〈N-〉〈常 pl. 〉 【羅馬法】新法,附律。

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  1. A novel digital accelerometer using mos ring oscillators

  2. The novel received accolades from the press

  3. Web mining aims at mining useful knowledge and based on data mining, text mining and multimedia. it integrates the computer network, database and data warehouse, artificial intelligence, information retrieve, visualization, natural language processing and other technologies. web mining is a novel subject which is a combination of conventional data mining technology and web

  4. My main research work includes : ( 1 ) a method of discovering deep web sites is proposed. and a novel algorithm of deep web query interface extraction by data source representation is proposed

    本文主要研究的工作包括: ( 1 )闡述了deepweb站點發現策略以及介面表單對象抽取方法。
  5. This paper researches the queue schedule mechanism of dispatcher based on the architecture of asacs. it proposes a novel stochastic high - level petri nets ( shlpn ) model for the asacs, and compares with conventional web cluster using the performance analysis technology of shlpn

    本文基於asacs的體系結構研究了集中器的隊列調度機制,提出了主動自調度集群系統的隨機高級petri網( shlpn )模型,並利用shlpn的性能分析技術對主動自調度集群與傳統web集群進行了性能對比分析。