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  • web: n 1 蜘蛛網;蛛網狀東西,網狀組織;【紡織;印染】棉[毛]網;〈the W 〉【計算機】萬維網(= World Wi...
  • press: vt 1 壓,按,撳,扳;推動;(用熨斗)熨平;貼(郵票等)。2 絞榨,壓榨;榨取,擠(葡萄汁等);壓碎...
  • drier: n. 1. 乾燥工。2. 乾燥機。3. 乾燥物;乾料;【化學】催干劑,乾燥劑。

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  1. Try getting a press photographer to take a web cam to a photo shoot. his pictures would only appear in the local town paper, anyway. think you ll convince him

    想想,即使是一個專業的新聞記者如果用小解析度的web cam來拍照,那些照片能上的了報嗎?
  2. Some has also been bad, as the press has somehow conjured up a fantastical struggle between web services camps and semantic web camps at the w3c, fighting for the resources of the consortium

    但也有不好的,如出版界莫名其妙地想象了web服務陣營和semantic web陣營之間在w3c發生的一場臆想的爭斗,雙方為該聯盟的資源而戰。
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