wedge ruler中文意思是什麼

wedge ruler解釋

  • wedge: n 1 楔,尖劈,楔形物;【幾】楔形。2 【冶金】高壓頂點。3 〈比喻〉可以逐漸擴大作用的開端。vt 用楔子...
  • ruler: n. 1. 統治者,支配者。2. 尺,畫線板。

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  1. The velocity field has been designed in this article on defect of rolling workpiece surface about cross wedge rolling technique in the process of forming axial symmetry spare parts by result of simulated experiment of consult document [ 4 ]

    摘要依據文獻[ 4 ]的模擬實驗結果,擬定了楔橫軋工藝成形階梯軸類件時軋件表面出現表面缺陷(蛇皮狀或魚鱗狀缺陷)時的金屬流動速度場。
  2. On a calm day you could take a wedge but if the wind gets up it might need a full - blooded driver

  3. I see her yet in her raging passions, when we had driven her to extremities - spilt our tea, crumbled our bread and butter, tossed our books up to the ceiling, and played a charivari with the ruler and desk, the fender and fire - irons

  4. In this dissertation, al - si / sicp composites brake rotor with diameter of 1200mm was firstly fabricated by a novel spray deposition technology, and simultaneously coupled brake pad was prepared by a novel dry - powder processing route, termed as two - step pressing process. a wedge pressing technology was developed to densify the as - produce al - si / sicp composite brake rotor

    本文首次採用噴射沉積技術制備了直徑達1200mm的al - si / sicp制動盤,同時採用二次壓制工藝制備出了配套的合成閘片,研究了制動盤的楔壓緻密化技術、機理,復合材料摩擦磨損性能及機理。
  5. After processing, the sensitometrically exposed step wedge is read on a densitometer and the data is plotted.