weighing appliance中文意思是什麼

weighing appliance解釋

  • weighing: 稱體重
  • appliance: n. 1. 器具,用具;器械;裝置,設備。2. 適用,應用。

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  1. There are many video machines on sale in the appliance store right next to my house.

  2. He could have been trusted to drive another ten miles in search of some appliance.

  3. But the whole effect is spoiled when i look at them - at tetralani, five feet ten in her stocking feet and weighing a hundred and ninety pounds, and at barillo, a scant five feet four, greasy - featured, with the chest of a squat, undersized blacksmith, and at the pair of them, attitudinizing, clasping their breasts, flinging their arms in the air like demented creatures in an asylum ; and when i am expected to accept all this as the faithful illusion of a love - scene between a slender and beautiful princess and a handsome, romantic, young prince - why, i can t accept it, that s all

  4. Trial 2, effect of supplemental copper of different type on nutrition and specific immunity of mice - ii the grouping of trialt animal was the same as trial 1, at the first day, second day, third day, one mouse was injected with pha brine fluid for 10mg / kg avoirdupois after weighing in the same time in each repeat, following the 7d, 14d, 21d, 8d feeding period, after weighing, blood was made, wrigh - giemsa coloration, counting the number of lymphocyte female cell and overage lymphocyte, index of immune organ, copper concentration in liver and spleen

    試驗二,不同形式銅對小鼠營養與特異性免疫功能的作用-試驗動物分組同試驗一,進入正式試驗期后,在每周第1天、 2天、 3天同一時間每重復選取1隻小鼠,稱重后每天按10mg kg體重肌肉注射一次植物血凝素生理鹽水溶液,並於試驗第7天、 14天、 21天、 28天稱重后尾尖取血,姬姆薩-瑞氏染色,計算t淋巴細胞轉化率,計算免疫器官指數,測定肝臟、脾臟銅含量。
  5. We now specialize in the design and manufacture of motherboards, panel pcs, barebones, ( ia ) accessories and embedded systems, and our product portfolio is focused on embedded system which could be applied to the uses of internet appliance ( ia ), digital video recorder ( dvr ), network application storage ( nas ), network application devices ( nad ), kiosk, and point of sale ( pos )

    本公司致力於主機板,平板電腦及各類準系統產品的設計及製造,主打嵌入式系統的各項應用,以滿足客戶在網路,數字監控,網路存儲設備,網路應用,多媒體查詢終端, pos機和精簡型電腦等方面應用需求。