• well: n 1 井。2 泉水;源頭,來源。3 坑,穴,凹處;【礦物】礦井,豎坑;【軍事】(地雷的)井坑;【建築】...
  • publicized: 宣言


  1. After continuing her tv and modelling career, jeon made her first well - publicized film appearance in late 2000 with il mare

  2. Ms. martine pauletto, from the headquarter at france, publicized an essay named " web based substation remote monitoring and maintenance ". through a live demonstration of online monitoring, she introduced the concept of " transparent ready " of schneider electric. based on this concept, a solution was provided to customers, ensuring them with a more efficient and reliable mutual share of power network information, as well as a better quality of their service quality

  3. Enforcement within a single jurisdiction should be vigorous, according to well - publicized rules and policies, and well publicized

  4. Well - publicized loot is impossible to sell on the legal market, he said - but as for " the black market, we never know "

    他說,廣為人知的贓物是不可能在合法的市場上出售的,但是, 「至於黑市,我們就不知道了」 。
  5. This performance was well publicized and may serve to lessen the negative impression many residents have of disabled people