wet furfural condenser中文意思是什麼

wet furfural condenser解釋

  • wet: adj (opp dry )1 濕,潮濕的,有濕氣的。2 雨的,下雨的,多雨的。3 〈美俚〉允許賣[制]酒的,不禁酒...
  • furfural: n. 【化學】糠醛;呋喃亞甲基。
  • condenser: n. 冷凝器;凝汽器;電容器;聚光器;【紡織;印染】集棉器;搓條機。

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  3. Taking the andalusite from south africa and alumina fiber as raw materials, adding aluminum sulphate as binder, fabrication and properties of alumina fiber reinforced andalusite composite was studied through wet dispersion, mould pressing and sintering processes

  4. Manufacturing technique of wax microcrystalline : with crude oil vacuum residua fractions as material, it is made from propane taking off asphaltum, furfural refining, ketone benzene taking off oil, and argil refining

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