wheatstone stereoscope中文意思是什麼

wheatstone stereoscope解釋

  • wheatstone: 惠斯登
  • stereoscope: n. 實體鏡,體視鏡;立體照相機。-scopic , -ical adj. ,-ically adv.

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  1. Aerial photographs are taken in strips with sufficient overlap to yield a three-dimensional image when viewed under stereoscope.

  2. I build my research work on the pass and improved the hardware and software of experimental system, and explored some new analyzing methods to pick out the cep signal wrapped in the eeg more efficiently. on hardware, i designed a instrument to let our testee to observe the rds, shown on cathode - ray tube ( crt ) or printed on paper, through a stereoscope, and never let the stereoscope effect the observation. the instrument includes 3 modules : rds showing, stereoscope fixing and testee fitting

  3. Recording units for resistance thermometers are mostly based upon the wheatstone bridge circuit.

  4. Linear wheatstone bridge for teaching

  5. Through cross - wiring of the strain gauge wheatstone bridge the precision and signal output are optimised