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  • white: n 懷特〈姓氏〉。adj 1 白(色)的,雪白的;白晰的,帶白色的;蒼白的。2 白種人的。3 銀制的;白衣的...
  • rectangle: n. 【數學】矩形,長方形。
  • signal: n 1 信號,暗號;信號器。2 動機,導火線 (for)。3 預兆,徵象。adj 1 暗號的,作信號用的。2 顯著的...

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  1. When sampling period is very low or close to ideal case for signal detection in additive gaussian white noise ( agwn ), the detection circuit with matched filter is optimal

  2. When the sun had completely emerged from the fog, and was glittering with dazzling brilliance over the fields and the mist as though he had been waiting for that to begin the battle, he took his glove off his handsome white hand, made a signal with it to his marshals, and gave orders for the battle to begin

  3. In order to get data, the plane use the way of comparative between the black line and white line. the device is composed of the pulse producer, system controller, signal processor, logic analyzer, interface circuit and electrical machinery driver. this device could follow the tracks of the plane graphic border automatically

  4. By analyzing the design principle, the paper devised an image source signal alternated with black and white strip and it has a good effect. meanwhile, the system demand of imaging link was analyzed, such as light source, lens and camera etc. in addition, the principles of both the correlation algorithm and generalized correlation time delay estimation based on adaptive technology were studied, and a comparison between them was made as well

  5. For the issue of blind parameter estimation of dsss / bpsk signal damaged by strong additive white gaussian noise ( awgn ), this dissertation mainly researches on carrier doubler method ( cdm ), auto - correlation method ( acm ), delay - and - multiply ( dm ) method and fourth - order cumulant 2 - d slice method

    針對受強高斯噪聲污染的dsss / bpsk信號對抗技術中的盲參數估計問題,本文著重研究了平方倍頻法、時域自相關法、延遲相乘法三種常規的單參數估計法以及四階累積量2 - d切片多參數估計法。