who wins and who loses what中文意思是什麼

who wins and who loses what解釋

  • who: WHO = World Health Organization 世界衛生組織(聯合國)。pron (賓格 whom; 所有格 whose)1 〈疑問...
  • wins: 勝場數
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • what: adj 1 〈疑問〉什麼;多少。 W books have you read 你讀過什麼書? What s the matter 發生了什麼事? ...

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  1. All that he was and was not, all that he had done and most of what he had not done, was spread out for the delectation of the public, accompanied by snapshots and photographs - the latter procured from the local photographer who had once taken martin s picture and who promptly copyrighted it and put it on the market

  2. Contents are likewise clear indicators of who ' s who by what ' s what : fish scales and crayfish parts suggest otter, says halfpenny in his field guide

  3. Although it has been possible to infer from the goods and services actually produced what manufactures and servicing trades thought their customers wanted , only a study of relevant personal documents written by actual consumers will provide a precise picture of who wanted what

  4. The desire to tie it down was one of the chief motives of the german and french politicians who founded what has become the european union

  5. He knew this, and therefore awaited what was to come with more patience than his horses, especially the left one, the chestnut falcon, who was continually pawing the ground and champing at the bit