whole mount electron microscopy中文意思是什麼

whole mount electron microscopy解釋

  • whole: adj 1 全部的,整個的;所有的,一切的,全…。2 完全的,完整的;沒有缺漏的;無疵的,沒有破損的,原樣...
  • mount: vt 1 登 上(山、梯、王位等)。2 騎 乘(馬等)。3 使人騎上(馬) 扶上(馬);使做騎兵。4 安裝 裝配...
  • electron: n. 【物理學】電子。 the electron beam 電子束。 the electron theory 電子(學)說。
  • microscopy: n. 顯微鏡學;顯微鏡使用術。

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  1. Using cd, cu, zn and cr as experimental toxicants and crucian as experimental creature, we employed the environmental biotechniques ( flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry, the method of improved pyrogallol autoxidation and electron microscopy ) to study the acute toxicity and secure concentrations of heavy metals to crucian ; the accumulation and distribution of mixed heavy metals to fingling crucian ; the activities of superoxide dismutase ( sod ) of gill and liver tissues and the hispathological and ultrastructural change of superfine structure of liver and kidney of crucian after cadmium exposure. through which, we intended to fully and systemically study the toxic influence of heavy metals to fish, and preliminarily discuss the influence of heavy metals pollution to the diversified level of fish such as individual, organ, tissue, cell and molecule. thus we tried to provide scientific evidence to establish preventative management measures, avoid and relieve the harm of heavy metals pollution to aquicolous ecosystem in time

    隨后以這幾種重金屬作為實驗毒物,以鯽魚為實驗動物,應用環境生物技術、火焰原子吸收分光光度法、鄰苯三酚自氧化法、透射電鏡等技術研究了重金屬cu 、 zn 、 cd和cr對鯽魚的急性毒性及其安全濃度評價、混合重金屬在鯽魚幼體組織內的積累和分佈、 cd對鯽魚鰓和肝臟中sod活性的影響、 cd對鯽魚肝細胞和腎細胞超微結構的影響等,全面和系統地研究了水環境中重金屬暴露對魚類的毒性影響,初步探討了重金屬污染對魚類的個體? ?器官? ?組織? ?細胞? ?分子等各水平層次的影響,為制定漁業生產上預防性的管理措施提供科學依據,及時避免或減輕重金屬污染對水生生態系統造成的損害。
  2. Electron microscopy showed that virulent pseudomonas solanaceanim grown in gathering form and avirulent pseudomonas solanaceanim did in free form. so that two different monomers were estimated to comprise pseudomonas solanaceanim the research above will expand application of traditional hplc and deepen its potential in bacteria studying

  3. Microcosmic morphology of prepared membranes observed by a scanning electron microscopy ( sem ) show that the nanofiltration membrane has a dissymmetrical structure

    採用掃描電子顯微鏡( sem )觀察了膜的微觀形態結構,表明所制納濾膜具有典型的不對稱結構。
  4. Electron microscopy has been used for elucidating the shape and size of ha particles.

  5. In chapter two, we fabricated r - ni - fe / al2o3 nanocomposites successfully by using ball - milling mixing method plus hot - pressing process. meanwhile, their microstructures are characterized by x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) analyser, transmission electron microscopy ( tem ), field emission scanning electron microscopy ( fe - sem ) and brunauer - emmett - teller ( bet ). the results indicate that ni - fe particles are homogenously dispersed in the matrix in the composites

    在第二章中,我們採用高能球磨混合方法加上熱壓燒結工藝,成功制備了ni - 20fe al _ 2o _ 3納米復合材料,並通過x射線衍射儀( xrd ) 、透射電鏡( tem ) 、場發射掃描電鏡( fe - sem ) 、比表面孔隙儀( bet )對該復合材料的微結構進行了表徵。