wi ipeg中文意思是什麼

wi ipeg解釋

  • wi: 沖洗

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  1. The radii are proportional to the time which has elapsed since the wave front occupied the position wi.

  2. 8 % ), which is similar to the mt protein of ostrea edulis while different from that of drosophila and mammalian ( no aromatic amino acid and histidine ). comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of housefly mt with other species " mt showed that its identity with drosophila was highest, attain 65 % ; the different metallothioneins, within a part species of invertebrate, were 35 % - 41 % isologous ; its identi ty wi th the mt - ii of green monkey was 41 % and that with the human mt - ii was 35 %

    由擴增片段的編碼序列所推導的家蠅mt與其它生物mt比較顯示:家蠅mt氨基酸序列與果蠅( drosophilamelanogaster ) mtn氨基酸序列的同源性最高,達到65 ;與部分無脊椎動物mt氨基酸序列的同源性在35 - 41的范圍內;與部分植物mt氨基酸序列的同源性比較結果為:同源性最高的為孢子植物墨角藻( fucusvesiculosus ) ( 51 ) ,而最低的為種子植物鼠耳芥( arabidopsisthalianal ) ( 35 ) ;與哺乳動物綠猴mt -的同源性達到41 ,與人類mt -的同源性為35 。
  3. Kitty decides to leave home. what wi.

    Hello kitty和mimi兩姊妹一向深得媽媽?愛
  4. I shall have naught to do wi you and your mucky pride, and your damned mocking tricks

    「我對你和你那臭架子,還有你那套戲弄人的鬼把戲都沒什麼關系! 」
  5. Well then, i ll say nowt, an ha done wi t