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  • winnipeg: n. 溫尼伯〈加拿大城市〉。
  • children: child 的復數。children of iniquily 歹人。 children of Israel 猶太人。 children of Izaak Walton 愛釣魚的人們。
  • hospital: n 1 醫院;獸醫院。2 〈古語〉旅客招待所。3 慈善收養院。4 (鐘表、鋼筆等小物件的)修理商店。5 公立...

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  1. Of peace through music ", is still resounding in the ears of all those who attended and continues to be a hot conversation piece among many people, who cannot stop discussing their experience at this memorable event. even the national vice president of st. jude children s research hospital in tennessee, jerry chipman, said he had heard many great things about the concert and the wonderful contribution of supreme master ching hai to the children. not only did audience members enjoy the grandness of the event, they were deeply touched by master s love, grace and generous contribution to the two children s charities, saint jude children s research hospital and starlight children s foundation

  2. Researchers from children ' s hospital of boston, massachusetts, and harvard medical school, think they may have discovered a cause for crib death

  3. A specialist at sydney eye hospital said that wraparound glasses were the best for eye protection and children should be encouraged to wear them from the age of three or four

  4. On january 5, the first supply of bed pads, slippers and other materials was delivered to the hospital. while trying to comfort the injured and wishing them a speedy recovery, the initiates also visited crowded children s wards to distribute candy and cookies

  5. The analysis and keeping away method of nurse - patient disputes in infusion room of children hospital