winnipeg commodities exchange中文意思是什麼

winnipeg commodities exchange解釋

  • winnipeg: n. 溫尼伯〈加拿大城市〉。
  • commodities: 商品期貨
  • exchange: vt 1 (以某物與另一物)交換,調換 (for) 2 互換,交流,交易。3 兌換。 vi 1 兌換 (for) 2 交換;...

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  1. These commodities can thus be bought and sold under a standard description and according to standard contract terms developed by the commodity exchange

  2. The 4th south china international exhibition of timber, artificial board, wood floor and the related equipment will be held in chinese export commodities fairground on december 10 - 13, 2004, it is to become the first exhibition of chinese timber industry, providing an optimal platform for information exchange and international trade

    一年一度的「華南國際木材、人造板、木地板及設備展覽會」將於2004年12月10 - 13日在中國出口商品交易會展館舉辦,此屆展會將為我國、國際的木材及夾板、飾面板及膠合板生產企業提供最佳的信息交流和國際貿易平臺,並成為了中國木業行業的「第一展」 。
  3. In our country, the basis of legislation of bona fide acquisition is to protect trade security, steady social economic order and maintain normal exchange of commodities

  4. Through the analysis of the present situation and advantages of jiangxi foreign trade development, the following measures are proposed for developing export - oriented agriculture, getting contracts with foreign firms and cooperation in the field of labor force by making use of foreign investment, and developing service trade etc. ( 1 ) on the basis of developing the export of industrial finished products, machine and electrical appliances, recognize " developing agriculture to prosper trade " as a strategy for full - scale operation of great foreign trade, build up the bases for producing export commodities and cultivate the new growth field of foreign exchange earning agriculture

    通過對江西省外經貿發展的現狀及有利條件的分析,圍繞在加入wto的新形勢下發展外向型農業、利用外資、發展對外承包工程及勞務合作和發展服務貿易等方面,提出了以下對策措施: 1 、在大力發展工業製成品及機電產品出口的基礎上,把以農興貿提到全面實施人經貿發展戰略的高度來認識,抓好出口商品基地建設,培植創匯農業新的增長點。
  5. In january 1996, following two consultative processes, the committee issued an additional amendment to the capital accord, effective end - 1997 at the latest, designed to incorporate within the accord the market risks arising from banks open positions in foreign exchange, traded debt securities, equities, commodities and options