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  • working: adj 1 工作的,從事勞動的。2 操作的,作業的。3 工人的。4 (用於)實際工作的,任事的;使用(中)的...
  • pressure: n 1 壓;按;擠;榨。2 【物理學】壓力,壓強;大氣壓力;電壓。3 精神壓力,政治[經濟、輿論等]壓力。4...
  • head: n 1 頭,頭部,首。2 頭腦,才能;智力,想像力,理解力。3 前部,上部;頂端,尖突部;船長;(書頁等...

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  1. A silicone oil bubbler provides a positive gas pressure head inside the growth tube at all times.

  2. It offers working pressure and oil mist separator tank inner pressure indication, separator filter clogging flashing alarm before overpressure e - stop, electric motor temperature control, maximum screw assembly temperature control, air temperature on pressure and indication, electric motor direction of rotation check, time to scheduled maintenance term, total operating hours and operating hours under load, alarm log of last five failure events

  3. Note : flange of this list made according to the standard ofgeneral standard of water supplying and drainage in the whole nation, working pressure : 1mpa

    7 . 5注:此表法蘭按全國通用給排水標準圖集有關標準製造,工作壓力為1mpa 。
  4. The cast basalt liner are inserted and embedded with a dense cement mortar inside the steel pipe. it can be used in higher working pressure and also easy to install and transportation. we can offer the straight pipes, bends and tees with nominal diameter of 40mm and above

  5. Present the experimental research carried out on strain and stress by applying the resistance strain surveying technique to the big hole sealed heads in the new fire - tube heating boilers with the laws of strain and stress distribution obtained and allowable working pressure given because there is no applicable standards or specification for calculating the strength of crude oil heating boiler heads perforated by densely distributed big - holes, which, to a certain extent, hampered the further development of crude oil heating boilers in china, and concludes from experimental results that strain and the stress of circumference are fairly large near the edge of big - hole, and the cross ribs enhance strength of sealed head to a certain degree