write with great ease中文意思是什麼

write with great ease解釋

  • write: vt (wrote 〈古語〉 writ; written 〈古語〉 writ)1 寫,記,錄,抄,謄;填寫;簽發;簽訂;簽署。2 ...
  • with:
  • great: adj 1 大的,巨大的。2 很多的;充足的,十足的,非常的。3 偉大的,傑出的;優異的,顯著的;貴族的,...
  • ease: n 1 快活;安心;悠閑;自在。2 容易,不費事。3 (衣服等)寬松。vt 1 使安逸,使暢快;使安心;減輕(...

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  1. In the early days, braose miyaco, the second principal of braose family has manifested that he is an aesthete with great interest in sculpture, drawing and architecture

  2. The anastomosis must be done with great care.

  3. His opinion was received with great applause.

  4. On my way to the north of beijing i noticed that the small roads were covered with great big ditches , the ditches were so deep that looked like as if a giant had trotted upon them

  5. That worthy, picking up the scent of the fagend of the song or words, growled in wouldbe music, but with great vim, some kind of chanty or other in seconds or thirds