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  • x: X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • particle: n 1 顆粒,微粒;微量,極少量。2 【物、數】粒子,質點。3 【語法】虛詞,不變詞〈冠詞、副詞、介詞、...

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  1. Particle size analysis - small angle x - ray scattering method

  2. That the alloying element mn and ti substitutes the atom of fe in the rich iron - phase ( al, si, fe ) and resumes the part of the element si in primary phase refines the second phase. at the same time, the volume percentage of second phase is increased. at the course of solidification, the alternating current field changes obviously the microstructure morphology of the al - 20si - 5fe - x alloy and the number of particle eutectic structure is increased

    合金元素mn 、 ti通過占據富鐵相( al , si , fe )中鐵原子的晶格位置,同時消耗部分初生相中的si元素,形成四元富鐵相( al , si , fe , mn ) ,細化了合金中的第二相,同時提高第二相體積百分數。
  3. The magnetic distribution of a - magnet is presented by analytic way and numeric simulation way. the single particle movement is studied in a - magnet and the movement rule of charged particle in ideal four poles magnetic field also is obtained. quantificational results of the incidence angle, trajectory length and the maximal distance in x direction are presented for ideal trajectory, and the equation indicates some important characters of a - magnet

  4. This paper with the actual needs of metal physical doping of icf target material and laser - x - ray conversion material is starting point, major for flow - levitation method principle, technology parameter control particle grain size, structure and thermal stability of phase composition that prep aration metal and alloy nanoparticle go deep into research. the principle of preparation metal nanoparticle by flow - levitation method is difference with other evaporate condensation method

    本文以icf靶材料金屬物理摻雜和激光- x光轉換材料的實際需要為出發點,主要對自懸浮定向流技術制備金屬與合金納米微粒的原理、過程和工藝參數控制微粒粒徑大小,所制備納米微粒的結構、物相組成以及組成相的熱穩定性等方面進行了深入研究。
  5. For adapting to the need of industrialization and improving the properties of materials, the method of mechanical activation has introduced on the basis of traditional calcinations at high temperature. the stardard spinel limn204 is prepared by the mechanical activation - high temperature solid synthesis method. the thermodynamic property, the physical - chemistry performance and the producing techniques of. battery have been studied by means of thermogravimetry ( tg ), differential scanning calorimetry ( dsc ), x - ray diffraction ( xrd ), scanning electric microscopy ( sem ) as well as various electrochemical analysis methods. studies show that synthesis temperature, calcinations time, recipe of raw materials, heat treatment and particle size of products are main factors affecting the performances of limn204 cathode materials. with the increment of synthesis temperature and time, the structure and crystal of products are getting to perfect

    隨著合成溫度和時間的增加,產物的結構和晶型越趨于完善,但在1100得到的產物有燒結和晶粒增大的現象,恆溫時間超過24h后對材料的性能影響不是很大; li mn比在0 . 95 1 . 05 2的條件下都可得到標準的尖晶石limn _ 2o _ 4 ,尤其當li mn比為1 . 05 2時,所合成的材料具有較好的電化學性能;通過兩段合成法制備的產物性能要比一段合成法法制備的產物性能好,而兩段間隔合成法比兩段連續合成法處理的材料性能更佳;顆粒的粒度隨著球磨時間的延長而減小,比表面昆明理工大學碩士學位論文摘要卻增大,粒度小且分佈范圍窄的材料有利於鏗離子的擴散。