X2= (羅馬數字)10. XX = 20. IX = 9. XV = 15. XL = 40. LX = 60. XC = 90. DXL = 540. MX = 1010. =1. 【化學】 xenon. 名詞 2. Christ(ian). 3. experimental. 4. 【電學】 reactance. x1= box(es)。
vt. 及物動詞 (x-ed, x'd x-ing, x'ing)1. 用x 符號標出(自己對候選人、試題答案等的選擇) (in)。
2. 用單個「x」符號劃去;用「x」符號表示刪去 (out)。


    1. Evaluating effects to parlygorskite organising modification by x - ray, tem, sem, ir, viscidity analysis etc. contrasting organising modification effects of parlygorskite original ore and acidified palygorskite, the result shows wd - 51 modification agent has better modification effect to acidified pargorskite than parlygorskite original ore

      對比了用wd - 51對坡縷石原礦和酸化坡縷石進行有機化改性處理的改性效果,表明wd - 51對酸化坡縷石的改性效果要好。
    2. Adjoin two new vertices x and y to n.

    3. X rays and antibiotics are adjuvant to surgery. x

    4. Workplace air. x - ray determination of the conventional alveolate fraction of crystalline silica. sampling by membrane filter

      工作場所空氣. x射線測定結晶二氧化硅的常規蜂窩狀部分.用薄膜過濾器取樣
    5. It does not use harmful to human body x line and easy the radiography agent that causes allergic reaction, not only can do traverse layer to scan, still can do coronal - plane and fault of arrowy shape face, can judge the place of the disease more accurately so